Battlefield 4 - Naval Strike

take intense and dramatic water-based combat to the South China Sea.

Battlefield 4

the critically renown first person shooter
featuring one of the most popular multiplayer components in the world

Amnesia a Machine for Pigs

This world is a Machine. A Machine for Pigs.
Fit only for the slaughtering of Pigs.


Welcome. I specialize in creating sound for interactive entertainment.

Sound Design and Creation

Soundscapes that are consistent, coherent and state of the art. Focusing on the sound and project as a whole from start to finish.


Experienced with a large number of game engines and audio middleware, including the technicalities, hurdles and creative freedom they provide.

Award Winning

Awarded and nominated for a number of audio achievements from industry awards.

A Love for the Craft

Passionate about sound design and interactive audio, which reflects on the efforts put in.

"It's not often we open a review by talking about sound, but the audio design is what makes A Machine for Pigs so powerful."

− - Amnesia a Machine for Pigs Review

"The most important, but often under-appreciated element in great horror is sound design, and this is something that Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs absolutely nails."

− IGN - 2013's Creepiest Video Game Moments

"A Machine For Pigs, which excels with a tone of slow, rising unease, amazing writing and sound design that defines the game’s atmosphere."

− - Amnesia a Machine for Pigs Impressions

"This may sound like a trivial element, but the incredible sound design encapsulates the real world well enough to put me on edge a bit, especially with high quality headphones."

− - PTSD and how Battlefield potentially saved my life

"DICE have always excelled with their sound design and this is no different.
With tremendous use of the Battlefield ‘wob-wob’ sound, the whirring of helicopter blades from above, the ringing in your ears after a nearby explosion, or the hugely satisfying pop of gunfire."

− - Battlefield 4 Review